Teaching Statement

As a former Graduate Teaching Associate at The Ohio State University, I have been formally trained in the performance-based methods of teaching Japanese language and culture. In addition to several years as an instructor in the Individualized Instruction Program, I have also undergone further training through the 8-week long intensive Special Program in East Asian Concentration Japanese language teaching program. As my specialty is sociolinguistics, my goal is to not only create an environment such that students learn to interact in a culturally appropriate manner with native speakers, but also provide students with a means of, essentially, “translating” themselves into the target language. As not every non-native speaker is the same, having a way to express oneself while still remaining culturally coherent is necessary to one’s personal success in a non-native language.

Graduate Teaching Associate

  • Instructor for beginning and intermediate level Japanese classes
    in a full target-language immersion environment. Responsible for leading lessons, lesson planning, and grading, as well as serving as a conversational model.
  • Courses taught:
    • Japanese 1101 (Level One Japanese I)
    • Japanese 1102 (Level One Japanese II)
    • Japanese 1103 (Level Two Japanese I)
    • Japanese 2102 (Level Two Japanese II)

 Invited Lectures

Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School
  • Multi-level Japanese Class (February 2017)
    • Lecture title: “Doing Linguistics with Japanese Pop Culture”
      • Gave a lecture to a large group of students from multiple levels of the Japanese program. After an introduction to the field of linguistics, I described different ways to think about language use in Japanese popular media.
The Ohio State University
  • EALL1231 (East Asian Humanities) (March 2017, October 2016)
    • Lecture Title: “Introduction to the Japanese Language”
      • Gave a talk on the major structural components of the Japanese language, including the writing system, basic syntax, semantics, and in-group/out-group dynamics.
  •  JAPN5380 (Japanese Linguistics) (September 2016)
    • Lecture Title: “Role Language as a Tool for Linguistic Inquiry”
      • Introduced Japanese linguistics students to the concept of “role language” (yakuwarigo) and its applications in linguistic research regarding popular media.